Gold Fever: The Art of Panning and Sluicing

Lois DeLorenzo shares her experiences of hunting for gold with her husband. Written in a simple conversational tone and coupled with the author's own illustrations and hand-drawn maps, this book is an enjoyable read from cover to cover. 5.5" x 8.5" paperback, 80 pages.

Gold Fever: The Art of Panning and SluicingTable of Contents

How it Started1
The Charisma of Gold8
The Distinctive Behavior of Gold10
Reading & Working the River14
What You Need to Begin22
Panning for Beginners27
Mini Portable Sluice Box45
Using Your Sluice51
Separating Gold from Sand56
Making Gold Jewelry61
Gold Panner's Mining Terms65
Where to Find It68
Washington - Oregon
Idaho - Nevada - Utah
Montana - Wyoming - Colorado
Arizona - New Mexico